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Hamilton in hat rejection dejection

Lewis Hamilton, yesterday
Lewis Hamilton, yesterday

Newly crowned world champion Lewis Hamilton has been left ‘distraught’ and ‘unable to enjoy his new title’ after Nico Rosberg rejected his gift of a ‘best team mate ever’ cap.

‘Lewis really wanted to get Nico a present and noticed that he often wears caps,’ said a source close to the British driver. ‘So when it was all rainy in Austin the other day, he made a special trip to the shops to get him a cap embroidered with the message ‘Best teammate ever!!!’ and then a smiley face. He didn’t have to do that. He could have done something he really enjoys like going to a piano store with Jay Z or looking at gold jewellery with Rihanna or zooming about on a jet ski with a dog, but he thought it was important to buy Nico something nice.’

Insiders say Hamilton arranged for Paddy Lowe to sneak the cap into the drivers’ cool down room so that he could present it to Rosberg after the race. ‘Lewis didn’t want to make a big fuss so he just casually tossed the cap to Nico,’ our insider revealed. ‘Unfortunately, Nico didn’t even look at it and just threw it back. Lewis was really upset.’

Team insiders say Hamilton is ‘inconsolable’ about the thoughtfully purchased cap rejection and is currently undecided about what to do with the specially-made ‘Best second-best Mercedes driver in the world!!!’ T-shirt.