Evoque convertible doesn’t appeal to people it wasn’t designed for

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A Evoque convertible, yesterday
A Evoque convertible, yesterday

A shock new study by this website has revealed that the new Range Rover Evoque convertible does not appeal to people it was not designed to appeal to in the first place.

Sniff Petrol studied hundreds of reactions on car forums and comments sections and discovered conclusively that, amazingly, people who quite obviously would have never liked the Evoque convertible do not seem to like it.

This will come as a blow to Land Rover who must have been hoping that people who would never have considered a car like this would have shown interest in a car like this rather than, as is actually the case, parroting the same predictable opinions over and over again.

‘When we designed this car, we never thought about people who would never have given a shit about it anyway,’ admitted a Solihull insider. ‘It’s come as quite a shock to find out that they don’t like something we never expected them to like.’

‘Ooh, we’ll take a thousand,’ said Wilmslow in Cheshire, yesterday.