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Grosjean excited by ‘number of tubes’ in new chassis

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Romain Grosjean, yesterday
Romain Grosjean, yesterday

Following his first visit to the new Haas factory in the US state of Oxfordshire, Romain Grosjean has spoken enthusiastically about ‘the number of tubes’ in his chassis for next season.

‘The guys at the factory welcomed me by putting another hog on the fire pit,’ Grosjean said in remarks to French Formula 1 magazine Dimanche Alternatifs. ‘And then they showed me the amazing new F1 chassis and some of the advanced materials they are working with such as something I have never seen before called “sheet steel”.’

Grosjean was said to be particularly impressed by the team’s ‘car cover’ which is roughly the shape of a contemporary American-market saloon, although he was apparently confused to later discover that this was in fact ‘the car’.

‘I am super excited for next season,’ Grosjean concluded. ‘But of course I would not rule out a return to Lotus at some point, preferably next season.’