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Experts seek new word to describe this F1 season

Some F1, yesterday
Some F1, yesterday

Some of Britain’s finest linguistics experts are gathering today as they attempt to create a new word to describe the feeling of tepid dissatisfaction brought on by the 2015 Formula 1 season.

‘This is a really tricky one,’ admitted professor of language Professor Ovlang Widge. ‘English is so rich and varied, and yet still we lack a word that encapsulates the strange, restless torpor and gloom experienced by someone who sat through this year’s F1 season in its entirety.’

‘Thus far we have agreed that ‘ennui’ simply doesn’t cover it, since there was always a faint glimmer of joy when that useless oaf Maldonado invented a new way of crashing,’ Prof. Widge continued. ‘Nor is ‘boredom’ quite appropriate since it doesn’t cover moments when Max Verstappen drove like a mad twat and gave you a tiny sliver of hope that this wouldn’t be another completely wasted Sunday afternoon staring at fucking watch adverts.’

‘I can promise you, we will not rest in our quest to find a new word that really sums up the flat, joyless, underwhelming by-the-numbers tedium of the season past,’ the professor concluded. ‘At the moment our best suggestion is ‘rosberg’.’