Name crisis delays Jag’s new type of E car

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An earlier type of Jaguar, yesterday
An earlier type of Jaguar, yesterday

Jaguar’s forthcoming all-electric car has been delayed as sources admit the company can’t think of a name for it.

‘We haven’t made a car of this type before,’ explained one insider. ‘It’s a type that is electric, or if you will, E, and we just don’t know what to call this new type of E car.’

‘We want a name that reflects the future but also our heritage,’ explained another Coventry mole. ‘E would be a good way to represent the electric future and it would be logical to use our famous ‘type’ suffix, but beyond that we’re stumped.’

Sources say that if Jaguar’s type of E car cannot be found a name it may have to be scrapped. ‘It’s ridiculous that we can’t name this E type of car,’ admitted one engineer. ‘The best we’ve got at the moment is XK One Twent-E’.