Social media star sure he’s got something to do in March

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Lewis Hamilton, yesterday
Lewis Hamilton, yesterday

Social media star Lewis Hamilton was unable to relax today as he became convinced he has something he should be doing in March.

‘Yo, yo, yo, boyeeee, wikiwikiwahwah,’ the Instagram sensation is reported to have said to friends. ‘There gotta be somethin’ I is doing in March but I jus’ don’t know what it is. Hashtag forgotten. Hashtag diary issues. Hashtag blessed.’

A source close to the Twitter legend says Hamilton has ruled out other commitments such as paragliding with Rita Ora, quad biking with Jay Z or going on a walking holiday in The Trossachs with Rihanna and is now convinced his commitment in March must be something to do with one of his careers such as rapping, putting on sunglasses or taking selfies.

‘Word up, word up, hear me now,’ the Stevenage-born pretend American is said to have told confidents. ‘Maybe this ting is in Australia? Perhaps if I take this photo of a dog, that’ll remind me. Hashtag filter. Hashtag aide memoir. Hashtag blessed.’

However, earlier today a close friend admitted that the once-British star may delay trying to remember what he’s supposed to be doing on or around 20 March until it can be captured on camera for his new series, Keeping Up With The Hamildashians.