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F1 stars reveal how they spent Christmas

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Some Christmas, yesterday
Some Christmas, yesterday

Top F1 stars have been revealing how they spent their festive periods, starting with Lewis Hamilton who enjoyed a very traditional Christmas of jet skiing with a dog and then putting a photo of it on Instagram. Hashtag babyjesus.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen spent the day ringing on the doors of more established drivers and then running away while team mate Carlos Sainz jr. had a quiet family Christmas during which he once again wearily explained to his father that there are ‘no jumps’ and that he did ‘not have a co-driver’.

In Germany, Nico Rosberg spent Christmas morning complaining that Lewis Hamilton got to open presents before him and Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg occupied the day cooking a large turkey whilst ambitiously trying to cook a different kind of meal at pretty much the same time.

Further north, Kimi Raikkonen had a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner of turkey flavoured vodka with roast vodka, carrots in vodka and a vodka gravy, before gathering around a tree for the customary mumbling of the carols.

It’s interesting to hear where some drivers spent their Christmases, with answers coming in from Daniel Ricciardo (beach), Fernando Alonso (darkened room, sobbing) and Pastor Maldonado (casualty).

Finally, Jenson Button has admitted his Christmas was ‘disappointing’ largely due to a last minute jumper change which put it back until 6th January.