Lincoln reveals more about new Continental

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An new Lincoln Continental, yesterday
An new Lincoln Continental, yesterday

The new Lincoln Continental was one of the stars of this week’s Detroit Show. Now the Fords-for-olds company has explained the design process behind the new model.

‘We’re all huge fans of the Bentley Flying Spur and the Chrysler 300C and the Mercedes S-class and a bit of the Maserati Quattroporte,’ explained lead designer, Leigh Ddesyner. ‘But we just couldn’t decide which we liked best, so we just copied a bunch of ideas from each and let ‘em fight it out on the car!’

The Continental is equally busy on the inside, but the company is keen to stress that it hasn’t forgotten its core market and will offer the new model with a range of unusual features including dentures shelf, medication holder and a reduced price model called the Early Bird Special which will be available to anyone who has dinner at 4 in the afternoon.

As a further concession to loyal Lincoln customers, the new range will also feature a special model with rubber seat covers and a very powerful air freshener, to be called the Incontinental.