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Maldonado considering things to crash into outside of F1

Pastor Maldonado, yesterday
Pastor Maldonado, yesterday

With his F1 drive for 2016 hanging in the balance, Pastor Maldonado has already begun to look around for other things to crash into.

‘Pastor knows his time in F1 could end the very second his debit card is declined,’ said a close ally of the bewilderfaced talent vacuum. ‘He would never take it for granted that he would be on the same grid as Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and all the other world champions he has almost crashed into. That’s why he’s already looking around for other race series’ whose drivers he could take off in lap nine.’

Sources say the Venezuelan competence stranger may look to the flourishing WEC series where he could achieve a lifelong dream of crashing into Mark Webber.

Alternatively, he could take a year off and spend some time back in his homeland where he could crash with his family.