Defender purists blast final buyers

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An Defender tackles some tough terrain, yesterday
An Defender tackles some tough terrain, yesterday

As the last Land Rover Defender leaves the production line this morning, the car’s biggest fans blasted newcomers who have snapped up the last remaining examples of the venerable 4×4.

‘I wanted to get one of the last Defenders but they’d all been bought by bloody country folk,’ complained Arabella Occasional-Tayble of Hampstead. ‘And what are they doing to do with them? Probably just drive them across fields. I bet they won’t even attempt to use them for the school run. It’s such a shame.’

‘I saw a chap in a brand new Defender only the other day, claiming to work for a utility company or forestry management or something,’ grumbled Hugo Byfold-Dawes of Notting Hill. ‘Best of luck to you, I thought. You mark my words, he’ll find it rather hard work compared to the Hilux or whatever he had before.’

‘These country people heard about the death of the Defender and all of a sudden they want to get one so they can pretend they live in the city,’ fumed Bunty Skeeing-Holliday of Fulham. ‘These aren’t real Defender people and they aren’t buying them for real reasons such as thinking they look nice and grudgingly having to drive them whenever Charlie’s taken the Range Rover.’

Land Rover is currently working on a brand new Defender which it says will boast modern technology and efficiency without losing any of its legendary ability to find a parking space outside Waitrose.