Leaked VW documents reveal existence of SEAT

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An seat, yesterday
An seat, yesterday

Volkswagen’s troubles worsened this week as leaked official documents revealed the existence of something called ‘SEAT’.

‘We simply don’t know how long this ‘SEAT’ has existed,’ said industry watcher Ian Dusstrywhotchar. ‘As a result, we don’t know how many people hoping for a Volkswagen Group car may have actually been sold a ‘SEAT’.’

VW acknowledges that mistakes have been made, such as its purchase of the SEAT car company in 1986, but so far it refuses to reveal how many people may have experienced a ‘SEAT’, perhaps without even noticing. However, some experts believe that if you hired a car in Europe in the last 20 years, there is a chance you might have been exposed to ‘SEAT’, though you will almost certainly have no memory of this.

Alongside the ‘SEAT’ revelations, VW is also accused of double standards on other matters such as being completely open with customers in the US yet refusing to inform European buyers that, without even realising, they may have bought something called a ‘Jetta’.