11 things you didn’t know about Ken Block

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Ken Block, yesterday
Ken Block, yesterday

2. Ken began his famous ‘Gymkhana’ series as a tribute to his friend and long-time hat stylist, Jim Khana.

9. Ken invented over-sized DC skate trainers after a childhood dream in which he was an Alsatian puppy.

4. Ken is named after Kentish Town railway station in north London. ‘Change here for overground rail services!’ he quips.

4. When not drifting, Ken uses his full name – Kent Block – and forms the structural part of the engine in small Fords built from 1959-2002.

4. Ken’s favourite type of drift is continental. ‘It’s the land masses of the earth moving relative to each other!’ he quips.

1. Ken once entered a drift so massive that he was able to get out, go to the cinema and come back later to finish it.

10. Ken literally eats tyres.

12. Ken drinks so much Monster Energy drink he hasn’t been to sleep since 2007 and all his urine must be buried.

8. Ken broke part of his bathroom mirror in 2004, obscuring the bottom of his chin as he attempts to shave. ‘I really should get a new one!’ he quips.

79. Ken’s favourite gyms are -khana, -nasium and cler-en.

4. Ken’s favourite Jims are Henson, Morrison and -iny Cricket.

0. Ken is legally contracted to get up five times in the night and shout the word ‘FORD’ out of his bedroom window.