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F1 shock! New Ferrari has a bit of white paint on it

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The Ferrari S-FISH today, yesterday
The Ferrari S-FISH today, yesterday

There was excitement amongst Formula 1 media with news that Ferrari’s 2016 F1 car, the S-FISH, has got a bit of white paint on it.

‘Oh my God, part of it is white!’ spluttered one F1 journalist. ‘That’s amazing because some of their cars in the ‘70s had white on them and now this car has white on it and, erm, yea. White bits!’

‘This is a landmark moment for Scuderia Ferrari,’ explained the team’s director of attention seeking, Lucca Dis. ‘You see, for many years our cars have been all red. However, the new car is mostly red but, I can exclusively reveal, some of it is actually white. I know, I know, I can barely believe it myself.’

Ferrari insiders say by painting some bits of the new car white rather than red they are ‘very confident’ that the S-FISH will be capable of third or fourth place, or fifth depending on what Williams are like, or maybe eighth if Kimi had a big night on Saturday. ‘That is the power of having a little bit of white on your car,’ boasted one insider.

‘Yea, white,’ muttered Sebastian Vettel unenthusiastically. ‘What?’ added Raikkonen mysteriously.