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F1 drivers try new format for travelling to Australia

Some F1, yesterday
Some F1, yesterday

Formula 1 insiders say the start of the new season may be delayed following the introduction of new system for getting all the drivers to Australia.

Under the new travel plan, all 22 drivers get on a big plane which leaves London and flies for several miles before landing again in Brussels so that one of the drivers can get off. It then takes off and almost immediately lands in Antwerp, allowing another driver to leave the plane. The aircraft then takes off and lands a further six times at nearby airports in Belgium and Germany, allowing a driver off each time.

The remaining 15 drivers then get onto a slightly smaller plane in Frankfurt which takes off and flies for a while before landing in Milan to allow a driver off and then immediately taking off and then landing again in Turin, Genoa, Bologna, and cities across south eastern Europe, each time leaving one driver behind until there are just eight drivers on board.

These eight drivers then get into a smaller plane at Tirana and the same procedure is repeated until there is just one person left on the plane, arriving in a state of confusion.

‘Erm, couldn’t they all just try to get there at once?’ said F1 fans everywhere.