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McLaren comes up with Brawn-based recovery plan

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Ross Brawn, yesterday
Ross Brawn, yesterday

McLaren has hit upon a radical plan to improve its F1 fortunes – ask Honda to give everything to Ross Brawn and then fuck off.

‘After conducting extensive analysis of our current non-optimal situation, we have concluded that the problem is Honda,’ said a team insider. ‘We have also noticed that it worked really well that last time Honda gave something to Ross Brawn and then fucked off.’

Sources say McLaren has drawn up a road map of how their plan would work, starting with Honda handing ‘all their stuff’ to Ross Brawn and then ‘fucking right off’.

‘For Honda, there are two key elements here,’ explained someone close to the project. ‘One, give Ross the shit. And two, fuck off’.

‘I like the sound of this,’ said Jenson Button, wistfully.