Musk struggles to say name of new car

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The Tesla Model 3, yesterday
The Tesla Model 3, yesterday

Tesla’s reveal of its new compact Model 3 was de-railed last night as it became clear that Elon Musk cannot say the car’s name properly.

‘Musk came on stage and said it was time to show the world the ‘Model Threbe’,’ explained one onlooker. ‘Then later he called it the ‘Model Thpeee’ and by the end he just kept saying ‘Model’ and then making a low growling sound.’

The Model 3 will be Tesla’s mainstream model with a US price the equivalent of around £25,000. ‘This vehicle can seat fibe adults in comfort, accommodate their luggage in its toowb trunks, and go from zeeeo to sifty in siggs seconds,’ Musk boasted. ‘And it can do all that with a range of at least tube hungdung feeberteeb miles.’

Despite his struggles to say the name of his new car, Mr Musk left the Model 3 announcement in jubilant mood, jumping aboard one of his rockets and heading back to his home planet with a wonky and frightening smile on his face.