New announcement from Tata

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A dated reference, yesterday
A dated reference, yesterday

Tata says it may have found a way to save its South Wales steel plant, though the company gave no further indication of what this might be.

In unrelated news, Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover today announced a series of future models, starting with a special edition called the Range Rover Steel. The new top-of-the-range model swaps the standard aluminium body for one made of steel, set off by steel wheels and steel windows. The interior, which is described as ‘steely’, features a steel sunroof and heated steel seats.

Meanwhile, Jaguar has released the first details of its new X-traheavy saloon which ditches the company’s usual all-aluminium construction for a body made from what the company calls ‘enormous slabs of steel’. The car’s all-steel suspension system is coupled to radical steel tyres for handling which the company promises will be ‘anything but leaden’. Prices have yet to be announced but a Jaguar spokesman promised the car would be ‘a steal’.