All Ubers accidentally drive into the sea

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The sea, yesterday
The sea, yesterday

Uber has apologised to its customers this week after a software glitch caused all its cars to drive into the sea.

‘Earlier this week a small error with our GPS system caused all our cars to drive into the sea,’ confirmed Uber’s direction finding manager, Derek Shunfynding-Manajur. ‘So when asked to give directions to, for example, 24 Pimlico Terrace, the navigation would interpret that as ‘drive into the sea’ and the driver would blindly follow those instructions, even though they were plainly driving into the sea.’

‘I called an Uber to take me home on Tuesday night and I thought we were taking a strange route to Hammersmith,’ explained one passenger. ‘Then before I could say, ‘I think you want to take a left here mate’, we had driven into the sea. The driver still asked me to rate him five stars though.’

It wasn’t all bad news for Uber, however, as reports say some drivers had their maps set at far too high a scale and managed to avoid going in the sea by completely missing the turning.