How many of these classic British cars have you driven?

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    Call yourself a fan of classic British cars? How many of these lesser-known Brit-classics have YOU driven?
    • obscurebritcarsTenby Splendid (1956)

Famed for its inability to pass a church without something bad happening.

    • Rochester Pomade (1961)

The days when the seats gave you a disease are mostly long gone!

    • Clitheroe Pip (1967)

Arguably Lancashire’s first recorded use of an engine.

    • Welmsley-Cockhole 95B (1954)

Advertised with the slogan, “Slip into a Cockhole today! (No foreigns)”

    • Spigley Glist (1968)

Made famous by racing driver Buffy “Loophole” Belgrave and all those dead prostitutes.

    • TWT Motor Company Rapacity 5 (1971)

Princess Margaret didn’t have one, despite all the rumours and those blurred photographs.

    • Bagley-Massingham Nosehorn (1959)

Said some dreadful things about your sister but that’s all in the past now.

    • Ipswich 9-litre (1965)

The name was a misnomer and ultimately led to the terrible, terrible horse problem.

    • Eastfield 95 Special Super (1956)

They never did find the money, or his other fingers.

    • Probisher Zeb  (1970)

Of the eight made, only nine still exist.