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7 things Nico Rosberg struggles to get out of

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Nico Rosberg repeatedly struggles to get out of an F1 car, despite being an actual F1 driver. But did you know, his Mercedes isn’t the only thing he makes a mess of exiting. Here are some other things Rosberg struggles to get out of;

rosbergbigface2. Unsolicited PPI calls

b. Lakes

x. Headlocks

7. Nando’s

vii. Most kinds of trouser

99. Stilted conversations with the security man who works on reception at night

y+q. Parking spaces where he thinks there might be a bollard behind his car but he’s not sure

z. The mailing list for Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, Goop, which he doesn’t remember signing up for in the first place

0. That Christening for the kid of someone he barely speaks to any more and which clashes with the Malaysian Grand Prix but which he accidentally said yes to about four months ago without first checking his diary

1. Google alerts for ‘Lewis Hamilton sunglasses’