One-model forum keeps making unexplained reference to massive design flaw

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An forum, yesterday
An forum, yesterday

There was confusion on the internet today as a one-model forum kept making casual reference to a severe design flaw without once clarifying what it was.

‘I was thinking of buying one of these cars so I thought I’d take a quick look at the dedicated forum,’ explained interested party Ian Trestedpar-Tee. ‘Everyone there keeps casually mentioning things like ‘the usual JTRS unit failure’ without ever explaining what it is. I don’t want to ask because the senior members seem like dicks towards newcomers and the search facility just threw up 700 pages of results, none of which explained things.’

Sources say that some forum regulars made more oblique reference to the problem which gave even less of a clue as to what it might be. ‘One chap said their ERMPS light came on,’ Mr Trestedpar-Tee noted. ‘And then he said, “of course we all know what that means” but I don’t. I don’t know what it means at all, nor do I understand “the orange light of doom” or “the famous buzz of death” and every Google search I do just points back to people on the same forum mentioning these things without further explanation like they’re all in on a joke I don’t understand.’

Mr Trestedpar-Tee said he remains conflicted about whether to go ahead with buying this model, now that he has read the forum. ‘Whatever this fault is, it sounds inevitable and extremely serious and that’s put me right off,’ he admitted. ‘On the other hand, when I asked on the one-model forum if the car was any good, 46 people waded in and told me it was literally the best car in the world.’