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Is it too late for Lewis Hamilton?

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hamquestionAs we approach the fourth race of the 2016 Formula 1 season, all eyes are on the front-running Mercedes duo. Nico Rosberg has taken victory in the first three races of the season and, statistically speaking, that makes him assured of the title, as does his obvious ease with the car and his burning desire to make up for past seasons when championship victory eluded him. But what does this mean for Lewis Hamilton? He has the same car, he has the same team, he has the same opportunities yet bad luck has haunted him and now the odds seemed stacked in favour of his team mate. Can the British driver, a triple F1 world champion, claw it back and seal his fourth title or is it now in Rosberg’s hands for the taking? Sniff Petrol has spoken to F1 pundits, to analysts, to engineers, to statisticians and to you, the fans, and from this we have built up the most comprehensive picture possible to answer once and for all, with absolute certainty, the question that consumes motorsport at the moment: Can Lewis Hamilton still win the 2016 F1 world championship?