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Vettel announces new kids’ book

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fuckssakecoverPointy fingered, smiles-when-he’s-winning children’s entertainer Sebastian Vettel has announced a new bedtime story book for children, called Fuck’s Sake!

Fuck’s Sake! contains many kids’ classics including Mary Had A Fucking Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Fucking Star and The Wheels On The Fucking Bus Get Hit Going Into Turn Fucking Three, Fuck!

‘The book is a delightful take on some pre-school classics,’ noted toddler expert Todd Lerex-Pjurt. ‘My personal favourite is The Three Fucking Pigs in which a wolf “huffs and puffs and oh for fuck’s sake, what the fuck are we doing here?”‘

‘This sounds fucking great!’ said Niki Lauda, yesterday.