Ford in unlearn controversy

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unlearnfordFord is under pressure to withdraw its latest ad campaign after complaints from people who encountered difficulties whilst attempting to ‘unlearn’ the company.

‘I tried to unlearn Ford, as instructed,’ explained local man Kneb Grest. ‘Unfortunately, I somehow managed to unlearn how to play the piano intead, which is annoying because I’m a concert pianist. Now I’m unemployed and I still know about the Ford Mondeo.’

Area lady Mimsy Flegg has a similar complaint against the car maker; ‘I tried to unlearn Ford like they told me to but I think I got one of the steps wrong and now I can’t understand scissors,’ she explained. ‘Also, the advert said “let go of what you know” but the thing that I knew was that I needed a wee and now we’ll probably have to get that carpet replaced.’

‘We would urge everyone to take great care when attempting to unlearn Ford,’ said a spokesman. ‘Do not commence the unlearning process until you are sure what you are unlearning is in fact a large American automobile corporation and not, for example, how to speak Swedish or which of the rooms in your house is the lavatory.’

The Ford ad campaign has also attracted controversy after a top scientist claimed it was ‘very difficult’ to ‘unlearn’ something. ‘The mind cannot simply forget a piece of information,’ said psychology professor Simon Chology-Prophesser. ‘To unlearn Ford would be like trying to learn why Citroen thinks DS is a separate company now. That is to say, completely pointless.’