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D.I. Blundell done report from the 2016 Spanish GP


DIBlundellnew‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. On Sunday 15 May I done proceed in a southerly direction to the Barcelona district of Catalonia what done be in Spain and done also not be in Spain, depending on who you done speak to.

Here, I done observe a silver Mercedes vehicle driven by an IC1 male, one Mr Nico Rosberg of Germany and Finland and Monaco, what done be involved in an incident with another silver Mercedes vehicle drive by an IC3 male, one Mr Lewis Hamilton of Instagram.

I done observe this incident using what done be my eyes and it done seem to me that Mr Hamilton done be attempting a risky overtaking manoeuvre and Mr Rosberg done not be done observing the correct space what you done ought to be done giving to another road user and done cause Mr Hamilton to leave what done be, to be honest, the road what done then cause a loss of what done be, in fairness, control. Mr Hamilton’s vehicle done then collide with Mr Rosberg’s vehicle and both vehicles done then be suffering what done be damage.

In my view, this done be an important warning to all motorists on the importance of what done be three things. One, always use your mirrors to look for vehicles what done be approaching from behind. Two, done remember to apply your brakes if you think another motorist is about to do a collide with you. Three, don’t done be what is, in fairness, a silly, to be honest, twat.

Later on the same date I done receive reports of underage drinking in the podium region what done going to continue doing an investigate on.

Over and out.