Porsche announces very limited edition

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The new 911X, yesterday
The new 911X, yesterday

Porsche has revealed details of a brand new, limited edition 911 which will be so exclusive that just zero examples will be made.

‘After the success of the 911R we realised there is great interest every time we announce a new limited production car,’ explained limited editions manager Lemmi-Ted Edichons-Managcher. ‘So that’s what we are doing. We are announcing the new 911X. And then we are going to give all the money we would have spent developing it to selected existing customers since it’s what they would have made on flipping it anyway.’

‘We had a lot of complaints about the 911R that few people could buy one,’ Edichons-Managcher continued. ‘The 911X solves that problem since no one can buy one, and some people you’ve never met still get richer. Everybody wins! Except people who like driving Porsches.’

As a final part of the 911X project, a single development car with a manual gearbox and a nose that bobs up and down a lot will be constructed and then given to car journalists so they can have a big wank over it.