Fiat explains 124 Spider changes

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The Fiat 124 Spider, yesterday
The Fiat 124 Spider, yesterday

Fiat has outlined the changes it has made to ensure the new, MX5-based 124 Spider fully encapsulates its own marque values, which include new panelwork, a new engine, revised suspension settings and much lower quality electrical connectors.

‘The most obvious change is the body which is totally new, except for the windscreen frame and the folding roof,’ explained 124 project boss, Juan-Toofore Prodgectbosce. ‘The style is more masculine and dynamic, and the details reflect the original 124 Spider, particularly in the headlamps and taillamps, neither of which are connected properly and come pre-injected with some water that shouldn’t be there.’

‘The engine is our own turbocharged 1.4-litre Multiair unit and this completely changes the character of the car,’ Prodgectbosce continued. ‘It was vital that we use our own motor for this project because this allows us to precisely set-up parameters such as torque delivery, engine sound and not running properly because it is damp or cold or Tuesday.’

‘The interior is based on the design used by Mazda,’ Prodgectbosce admitted. ‘But we have a good relationship with their production guys and this has allowed us to specify crucial differences such as materials, soundproofing, and the number of rattles caused by what sounds like a small piece of loose metal somewhere inside the door.’

‘We think people will be surprised by how much this car does not feel like an MX5,’ Prodgectbosce concluded. ‘They will come to see that this car is a true Fiat in the way it does corners, the way it does performance, and the way it does not start.’