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11 amazing Bakufacts

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This weekend F1 goes to Azerbaijan for the first time. Here are some amazing facts about the country that is quite far away but still in Europe because it says so in the title of the race

Baku, yesterday
Baku, yesterday

5. Azerbaijan is famed for its love of Formula 1. ‘Formula what?’ said one local we spoke to, fanning himself with vast reserves of oil and natural gas.

102. Other things Azerbaijan is famous for include yeast, geese and extremely high quality human rights violations.

vii. The history of Azerbaijan is described as ‘many layered’, largely thanks to its time as part of the Soviet Onion.

b. Other major events hosted by Azerbaijan in recent times include the Eurovision Song Contest, the European Games and the All Caspian Dog Flicking Contest.

>: Baku is named after the Persian word for creating a duplicate of your computer’s hard drive on a separate storage device.

0. The old town of Baku contrasts with the modernity of the new city including its internationally acclaimed Museum Of Modern Arse.

x. Cities twinned with Baku include Naples (1972), Sarajevo (1975) and Ipswich (admin error).

M. Baku is famed for its high winds, hence its local nickname, ‘Cat Penis’.

5. One part of the track is narrower than intended after some idiot built a 12th century tower on it.

5. The Baku circuit is designed to take in as many of the city’s attractions as possible, including Government House, Seafront Boulevard, and The Square of So Many Prostitutes.

5. When Baku was looking for a race ambassador they were lucky enough to sign up Fernando Alonso after discovering that he literally doesn’t give a shit any more.