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Crystal Maze to return

Lewis Hamilton, yesterday
Lewis Hamilton, yesterday

Cult TV game show The Crystal Maze is to return for a celebrity special starring musician, social media star and occasional racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

In the new show, Hamilton will be strapped into a fast moving car and told to work out which of the many switches on the steering wheel is on the wrong setting. He will be encouraged in his task by other members of his team who will be able to talk to him through an earpiece offering extremely vague and ultimately useless advice.

After Hamilton’s debut, the new series of Crystal Maze will continue with appearances by Daniil Kvyat, who will start a task and then get moved to another one halfway through, Sebastian Vettel, who will do well at the task until a seagull is released into the room, and Nico Rosberg, who will make a complete arse of the very simple task of getting out of a racing car.