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Raikkonen unsure he’ll be staying at whichever team this is

Kimi Raikkonen, yesterday
Kimi Raikkonen, yesterday

Kimi Raikkonen has admitted that he may not remain at whoever these guys are beyond the end of what year is this?

Speaking to close friends, the Finnish driver is said to have admitted that there’s ‘some boss guy’ who isn’t happy with him and it ‘maybe that guy, you know, with the jumper, I don’t remember’. He went on to note that ‘there’s this other guy, you know, beardy guy. He’s pissed off, maybe. I dunno. He said something the other day, but I wasn’t listening.’

Raikkonen’s perilous situation at that team he’s pretty sure he drives for is only made worse by the performance of, in the driver’s own words, ‘that other guy, you know, smiley face, I don’t know his name, yea, him, annoying guy, teacher’s pet.’

With the growing risk that Raikkonen loses his seat at ‘I think the car is red, I don’t know where the factory is, someone takes me there sometimes’, the Finn has clearly been considering his next move and was overheard earlier today saying to a friend, ‘You have cash? Good. Let’s find a bar that’s open.’