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Mercedes announces A-class Rosberg Edition

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The Mercedes A45 AMG Nico Rosberg Edition, yesterday
The Mercedes A45 AMG Nico Rosberg Edition, yesterday

Mercedes has announced a special ‘Nico Rosberg’ edition of its A45 AMG hot hatchback which boasts a number of bespoke features including a unique ‘brake fault’ that provides the driver with the perfect excuse for acting like a bellend.

Sources in Stuttgart say the A45 Nico Rosberg Edition is specifically tuned for manoeuvres such as failing to take a corner properly, twatting into another motorist and other situations in which the driver deliberately doesn’t use enough steering lock like a silly tit.

In the event of an accident, the A45 Nico Rosberg Edition comes with a comprehensive recovery package which entitles the owner to a full diagnostic check, after which the dealer will tell them there is a ‘brake fault’ even though that doesn’t really tally with the dick move that got them into trouble in the first place.

On top of the made up brake problems and inadequate steering lock, each Nico Rosberg Edition A-class is registered in three different countries and designed to emit a regular whining sound.