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Rosberg docked point for points position

Nico Rosberg, yesterday
Nico Rosberg, yesterday

There was more bad news for Nico Rosberg today as the Mona-Germo-Finlandic driver was docked one championship point as punishment for only being one championship point ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

‘The regulations on this are pretty clear,’ explained rule adjudicator Rula Judicator. ‘Specifically, article 49.6 which states that ‘no driver must choke under pressure with a sizeable championship lead and piss it all away’.’

Rosberg’s punishment is one of the most unusual in F1 since the mid-‘90s when Damon Hill was docked points for looking like he wasn’t really enjoying this and was just doing it because he had to.

‘We hereby give notice of our intention to appeal this decision,’ said a Mercedes spokesman. ‘No, wait, we hereby give notice of our intention to give notice of intention to withdraw our notice of intention. Erm…’