The 5 worst mid-engined Ferraris

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5listFerrariMondial1. Ferrari Mondial
It had four seats! Who wants a Ferrari with four seats? There should not be seats behind you at the wheel of a Prancing Horse machine, there should be an engine. Which there was also! Urrgh, confusion!

2. Ferrari 599 GTB
What is the first thing you is are looking for in the mid-engined Ferrari machine? It is the engine in the middle, of course! This mid-engined Ferrari could not even make the bother of having the engine in the mid position. Fail!

5listFerrariDaytona3. Ferrari Daytona
The rules of mid-engined Ferrari say put engine in middle of car, loser! But this mid-engined Ferrari did not have the engine in that place for it was elsewhere! OMGZ! Take a look at yourself Ferrari, you losers!

4. Porsche 911
Sometimes even the great Prancid House make mistake. Yes, it true! In this case, oh boy they make totes mistake and then some more! Mid-engine does not mean engine at back. And Ferrari should be made in Italy and not Germany and be called Porsche. Mega failz!

5listFerrariBelmont5. 1989 Vauxhall Belmont
What kind of mid-engined Ferrari would have the engine at the front and a very roomy boot at the back? Answer equals this one! Where to start with the failz of this car except to say it is urgh not machinery for Ferrari lolz! Ultrafail!

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