Ford issues Mustang recall

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An Mustang, yesterday
An Mustang, yesterday

Ford in the US is to recall all Mustangs built between 1993 and 2014 to correct a fault which causes the car to crash whenever a camera phone is pointed at it.

‘We have decided to issue a precautionary recall after extensive analysis of YouTube footage,’ explained Ford representative Forde Repprestative. ‘Specifically, we wish to address a possible situation in which the vehicle suffers sudden and catastrophic loss of control at relatively low speeds as a result of being filmed by a guy holding a cellphone.’

‘We must stress that the vehicle will remain safe in normal driving conditions,’ Repprestative continued. ‘But we would urge all customers to show extreme caution when leaving an auto-related event as the presence of video recording equipment will almost certainly cause the vehicle to lose control from the rear axle, fish tail wildly, and smash into a line of vehicles on the opposing side of the street in a pathetically humiliating manner.’

Ford declined to specify which parts of the car may need replacing to correct this flaw but an insider hinted that the issue may lie with a part behind the steering wheel referred to as the ‘grunting moron’.