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Art world still reeling from Hamilton Insta cull

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F1 star's social media deletion spree is bad news says art historian

Lewis Hamilton does an selfie, yesterday

Three months after the event the art world is still reeling from Lewis Hamilton’s decision to delete all of his Instagram pictures, at least according to one expert we’ve just invented.

“When Lewis Hamilton deleted all his masterpieces we were forever deprived of some of the most seminal works of what we refer to as the ‘Blessed Era’,” explained art historian Art Historyan.

“The tragic fact is that, because of this, future generations will be eternally in the dark about what young, successful sportspeople did in the mid-2010s,” Professor Historyan continued. “How much gym equipment did they stand next to? What sort of private jets did they get off? Which hot, tabloid-friendly female stars were they romantically linked to at times that fitted around their work and training schedules? They simply won’t know.”

However, Historyan suggests that some Blessed Era works may have escaped Hamilton’s self-imposed cull, perhaps having been squirreled away by keen collectors of heavily treated phone pictures depicting a shirtless tattooed man facing away from the camera for some reason, maybe because he’s looking at that sunset.

“We can only hope that some of these vital works have been preserved,” Historyan concludes. “For without them, our children and our children’s children will miss the subtle nuances of what we call ‘hashtag blessed’ and may simply assume that it was all a load of bollocks.”