Those car company April Fools’ Day jokes in full

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April Fools’ Day fell on the 1st of April this year and many of your favourite car companies got in on the action by putting out press releases making patently absurd claims. Here are the best of them.


The normally sensible Korean company claimed it was building a rear-wheel-drive sports saloon and that it was going to charge £40,000 for it!


For their April Fools’ prank, those loonies at Toyota pretended they’d got a load of children to dick around with a faulty Etch-a-Sketch and that the finished design was going to become the new RAV4!


Those wacky people at Citroen tried to make out that DS was a separate brand, as if anyone would fall for that!

Land Rover

The jocular chaps in Solihull started sensibly by talking about a plug-in hybrid version of the Range Rover but then gave the game away by claiming it could do 101mpg!


The German brand is not known for its light-hearted nature but this year they really let their hair down by claiming all their car’s indicators would do an annoying sweep thing, as if any of their customers use the indicators!


The Spanish company really got into the Fools’ Day swing by hilariously claiming that Cupra was to become a separate brand. They even came up with a hilariously amateurish and unattractive logo for it!


Not to be outdone, the driver-focussed German company tried to tell everyone it was making a front-wheel-drive people carrier! They even came up with a implausibly awful name for it – 2-series Active Tourer!


The fun-loving PSA subsidiary really pushed the limits of credulity this April by claiming someone had bought an Insignia Grand Sport!


Those jesters at VW pretended to ineptly compound their emissions test cheating shame by gassing some live monkeys!


The Countryman!