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Oh great, so now I have to go to the hospital, by Kimi Raikkonen

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The chatty Finnish race ace speaks exclusively to Sniff Petrol

Oh great, so now I have to go to this hospital or something whatever you know, I dunno. I was supposed to go home, or to China, or whatever, I don’t care, wherever. But now there was this guy, he is a mechanic or something, I’m not sure, it’s none of my business, you know, whatever. He broke something, like his arm or leg or whatever, it is not important, and that is what has happened, sure, I guess. Mnnnn.

Someone told me this guy or whoever, he was hit by my car or my wheel or whatever, it is all the same, sure. So now I have to go to whatever, the hospital or something, and not to the jet because they asked me, and yea, sure, I am doing this thing because of this, I don’t know. Mmnugle.

They tell me some things, whenever, maybe earlier, I was not listening, but maybe it was today, sure, I don’t know. But this is the situation. There is some guy and there is some hospital, why are you asking me about this always, I don’t know? Guy, hospital, leg, car, it is all the same to me, sure, I don’t know if that is what you asked. Hmmmurrrrnn.

If you ask me this yesterday, sure they might have been some guy, but today there is a guy and he is that guy, I don’t know, maybe that is why, but I don’t answer this, okay? There is no, what I was told, I have to go to the place, whatever it is, but not the first place, so yes, I am doing all of the things andthewhateveryouknowisthemmmnnnmnmfrrrrrrkknnaaaam. Always. Bye.