New Ford hatchback maintains, like, total concentration on specific target area

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Brand new Golf-rival developed with, you know, sort of like single-mindedness but there's probably a better word for it, says company

The creators of Ford’s brand-new medium-sized hatchback have exclusively revealed how much sort of concentration they had on the new project, but not concentration, another words that kind of means that but more specific.

“We knew we wanted to make the most sophisticated car in the class and that gave us total, you know, sort of accuracy of, like, intent,” revealed development leader Dev Elopment-Leeder. “Right from the off, our team had total, erm, I want to say accuracy but it’s not that, it’s sort of like that, but there’s another word for it. Sorry, I’ve gone blank.”

The team add that their intention to pack the new model with cutting edge technology at an accessible price demanded that all departments from engineering to finance had complete and utter “priority and clarity of thinking, but expressed in a more concise way”.

“Yea, we really had to, like, concentrate, but that’s not quite what I mean, I forget the word now, but sort of like that,” admitted cost and benefit analyst Costa Ndbene-Fitanalist. “I’m really proud of our, you know, ability to maintain, like, sight of a, you know, sort of target. I’m probably not expressing this very well, I think there might be a word I’m overlooking.”

While technology is obviously important in the new model, Ford staff boast that it will also maintain the class-leading dynamics for which the company has become known. “Our cars are always great to drive and we’ve not lost our, you know, sense of keeping an eye on that, as it were,” stated dynamics manager Diane Namixmanajer. “Best-in-class ride, handling and response will always be our, oh God what’s the word, you know when you really lock onto something? Anyway, we looked back at this car’s predecessors and, after reminding ourselves how good they were, it really brought our aims into, like, sharpness, and allowed us to keep the emphasis on a specific area or target or whathaveyou and try not to lose that way in which everyone maintains a sort of lock on to that important thing that we’ve identified. Internally, we actually came up for a word for doing this. I think it was ‘Escort’.”