Seven times Elon Musk really screwed up Model 3 production

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All those moments the totally normal Tesla boss put himself into "production hell" like a big silly clod

  • That time he took the keys for the factory and no one could get in and when they called and asked where he was he lied and said ‘Mars’ and then he couldn’t come back and drop the keys off for a few days because if he did everyone would know he was talking shit and had been hiding in Wilmington, Delaware for some reason.
  • That time he said “robots are superior to humans” and then couldn’t get the robots to work and so told all the humans to pretend to be robots and they spent so long doing funny walks and saying ‘bidibidibidi’ that they didn’t fit all the parts to the cars properly and had to go back and do it properly again later.
  • That time he took control of purchasing and tried to order some new door seals but accidentally ordered some actual seals and then no one could build any cars because the factory smelt of fish and had too much honking going on.
  • That time he became so enraged because an journalist had said a bad thing about him that he smashed his fist into the big red button that says ‘stop making cars’ and then no one could remember how to unstop all the machines because the function was hidden in a secret touch screen menu and so everyone just went home for a bit.
  • That time he told the canteen to make him some ‘scrumblgugs’ and no one knew what he was talking about and a big argument broke out and gradually more and more people joined in until there was no one left making cars and then finally someone worked out that he meant scrambled eggs but by then it was time to go home.
  • That time he wrote ‘Make lots of Model Threes’ on a white board but his handwriting wasn’t clear and the factory people saw it and spent two weeks making lots of model trees and now his garden looks like ass.
  • That time he was talking to someone about Bitcoin and he referred to it as “shitcoin” and he was so pleased with himself for making a funny that he gave everyone at the factory the rest of the month off even though they were all in the middle of stuff and shit.