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Legendary name in motorsport returns

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Dead race team to re-emerge not as race team for some reason

After an absence of over 10 years we are about to see the return of one of motorsport’s most illustrious names – Super Aguri.

The re-born Super Aguri brand will return with an all-new, track-only car which is original from the ground up, although it looks a little bit like lots of other things you’ve already seen.

“It’s obvious that there simply aren’t enough supercars in the world,” explained the boss of the new company, who isn’t Aguri Suzuki but might be related to him or have met him once or something. “That’s why we felt it was the right time to come up with one. This new project is Super Aguri through and through, apart from in every sense except the name.”

The model name of the new car has yet to be revealed but rumours are it will make some tenuous link to an actual racing car from the past. What has been confirmed is that the new car will not be road legal and can only be used on a track. “Think of this less as a road car that you can’t drive on the road and more like a track car that’s too compromised to work on the track,” explained spokesman Mark Ettingexcercise.

A price for the new car has yet to be confirmed, but given how much words like carbon fibre and heritage have been used in the pre-launch material, expect to pay at least $1 million to buy one of the four that will be built before the company goes bust.

“We believe our pricing strategy makes sense,” a spokesman claimed. “After all, everyone knows the super-rich didn’t get wealthy by working long hours, they achieved success by dicking around on track days”.

The new whatever motorsport heritage this is leveraging will go on sale a long time after it was supposed to blah blah blah legendary historical etc etc subs to fill.