Volkswagen announces Scirocco Stormy

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New special edition marks end of production with a modern twist

Volkswagen is to mark the end of Scirocco production with a new special edition which pays tribute to both limited edition Sciroccos of the past and current affairs of today, to be named the Scirocco Stormy.

The Scirocco Stormy makes a nod to both the legendary Scirocco and Corrado Storm models of the past and to American sexual intercourse enthusiast Stormy Daniels (real name Pussy Cockrider).

The unusual decision to name the limited edition after a pornographical actress might seem strange to outsiders. However, VW’s enthusiasm for Ms. Daniels makes perfect sense in Germany and is part of national fondness for low-rent Americans in leather trousers, a phenomenon known as hasselhoffensyndrom.

The new Stormy edition comes with a range of unique features including special alloy wheels, unique paint colours and three ways of entering it.

As an added bonus, each Scirocco Stormy comes with a cheque for $130,000 in glovebox. “No it doesn’t,” said President Donald Trump yesterday. “Oh wait, yes it does and I never said it didn’t,” he added.