Boring race was boring

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World can't believe Monaco Grand Prix wasn't scintillating

There was shock in F1 today with news that a boring race was quite boring.

“I just can’t believe Monaco this weekend was so dull,” said one race fan. “I mean, it’s usually so interesting.”

Other motorsport enthusiasts were quick to echo this sentiment. “Shockingly boring race from Monaco,” wrote one online commentator. “Such a letdown when you bear in mind all those previous years when it was absolutely scintilating”.

“A kick in the face to the great heritage of Monaco,” added another “And particularly its tradition of always being a great race that you can’t stop watching.”

At least one well-known driver was quick to echo the surprise at what happened on Sunday; “That was a really boring race,” he said. “I just don’t know how that could happen on a slow track with no overtaking places that’s always been like that.”

However, not everyone agreed with calls for Monaco to be struck from the calendar for being so boring. “Wah wah wah, we want to have a race where we live,” said all F1 people, yesterday.