Did you lock the car?

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Did you? Are you sure?

Did you lock the car? Yes, of course you did, you always lock the car. But are you sure you locked the car?

You must have locked the car. Think about it, you remember hearing it lock. Or was that yesterday? You locked the car yesterday. You always lock the car. Apart from that one time when you forgot to lock the car. Remember? You thought you’d locked the car but you hadn’t locked the car. What if that’s happened again? Are you sure you locked the car?

Wait, you remember pushing the button on the remote don’t you? Yes, you definitely pushed the button. You must have locked the car. Unless you pressed the unlock button instead of the lock button by mistake. Or the button that opens the boot. Oh God, now the boot’s open. The car is unlocked and the boot is open. Unless you actually did lock the car? But are you sure you locked the car?

Oh hang on, this is your new car. It’s got keyless entry. Yes, that’s much better. And you definitely pressed the button on the handle to lock it. There’s no way you could have done that and then gone to check it was locked and accidentally triggered the unlock sensor and then walked away and left the car unlocked, no sir, that couldn’t happen, except that it could, very easily in fact, almost too easily, and you can’t really ever check it’s locked without unlocking it again so maybe your new car has never been locked.

Perhaps you should go and check that the car is locked. But you’re in a meeting now aren’t you. God it’s going on a bit. And all this time your car is unlocked. Hard to concentrate. Keep thinking the car is unlocked. Or is it? Are you sure? Don’t be silly. Of course you locked the car. Of course you did. You locked the car. You definitely locked the car. You remember locking the car. The car is locked. OR IS IT?