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Summer driving tips with Mulverhoosen’s soups

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The British weather is extra hot and sunny at the moment, and that brings extra driving hazards. Stay safe this summer with helpful tips from our friends at Mulverhoosen's soups.

Your car’s tyres can dry out and crack in hot weather. Prevent this from happening by liberally smearing each one with a delicious can of Mulverhoosen’s Leek & Hen Soup.

Windscreen washer fluid is mostly made of water which can evaporate in hot weather. Prevent this safety critical failure by filling your washer bottle with a lovely family-sized can of Mulverhoosen’s Crabs & Seafoam Bisque.

If your car broke down in hot weather how would you stay hydrated? It’s a little-known fact that water cannot hydrate you properly because it’s not thick enough. That’s why it’s especially important in hot weather to travel with at least two flasks of delicious Mulverhoosen’s Beefy & Potato Soil Broth in your car.

Some very expensive cars have fancy UV reflective windscreens but did you know you can achieve the same effect on any car by rubbing every window with a cloth soaked in Mulverhoosen’s Ham & Scrapings Soup.

Top-of-the-line luxury vehicles have tiny fans in the seats to draw cooling air away from your body, but most people don’t realise you can get the same sensation using evaporation by simply coating each seat with a large bowl of piping hot Mulverhoosen’s Cream Of Pigs Soup.

Driving towards a bright sun can be dangerous but sunglasses are an expense many of us can do without so why not prevent dazzling by simply covering your eyes in a light film of boiling hot Mulverhoosen’s Yeasty Pieces Soup. Or, for vegetarians, a yummy packet of Mulverhoosen’s Plum, Straw & Cucumber Liquid With Extract Of Lambs.

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