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Oh God, what are they doing now? with Claire Williams

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The Williams deputy team principal gives us an exclusive insight into what it's like to run a Formula 1 team


I’m often asked what it’s like to run your own Formula 1 team and I have to admit that sometimes it can be a challenge… Lance! Sergey! Behave yourselves!

As I was saying, running a Formula 1 team can be challenging. It’s a very high tech sport, but what you have to remember from a team perspective is that it’s also about people and your organisation is only as good as the… Lance! I’ve told you once, don’t hit Sergey! What’s that young man? No, that rule applies even when you AREN’T in the car! Heavens above!

Sorry, yes, as I was saying, your team is really only as good as the people within it and so a great deal of running a team is about managing people. That sounds terribly stuffy and actually it’s not, because we like to have a family atmosphere within the team. We are a family team after all! So, a lot of the running of the team is making sure that our people are happy and… Sergey! WHAT are you doing? No, that’s NOT a qualifying set-up and you know it. What? Well, if you don’t know it then you certainly should at your age. Come on, you’re a big boy now. Lance! You do NOT need the loo again, you’ve only just been and you’ve barely touched your water bottle. Now come on the pair of you, sit down and thank your sponsors.

So yes, people are certainly a big part of running an F1 team but of course there’s a whole other side to it, and that’s the business itself. We have a great many suppliers, we have technical partners, and of course we have associates who… Sergey! Lance! I saw that! No wonder you don’t get past Q1 with behaviour like that! Honestly, I’ve had it up to here with the pair of you and your nonsense. And why aren’t you in the simulator like I asked? Come on now, this has been going on all year and it’s got to stop! Lance! Sergey! Listen to me when I’m talking to you! Right, that’s it, no more points for the rest of the season! Sadly.