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Drinks bottle fault makes Raikkonen especially thirsty

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Finnish race ace professes parchedness after fluid feeder fuck up

Team sources say a drinks bottle fault in his Ferrari during the Hungarian Grand Prix left Kimi Raikkonen “especially thirsty” last night.

The Finnish driver was so thirsty after the race that he was forced to drink the entire contents of a special, extra large refreshments bottle that was given to him on the podium.

Sources say the racer then told his wife and son to go and wait in the car while he went to an emergency rehydration centre located outside of the paddock at which he was able to take on a large quantity of special fluids made by Heineken and then Smirnoff.

Insiders say Raikkonen took no chances when it came to topping up with extra fluids and when he finally got into the car to the airport his bag was “clearly clinking” with all the extra bottles of special rehydration liquid which he secured from the Ferrari motorhome ready to be carefully blended with other rejuvenating items such as Coke and ice on both the car journey to the airport and the private jet home.

The loss of an on-board hydration system can be very punishing for an F1 driver and sources say that although Raikkonen was clearly “very rehydrated” when he got off the plane in Finland, he took the precaution of stopping on his way home at a dedicated facility called Bar Shots where he topped up with additional fluids and then some chips.