Chance to buy Schrödinger’s car

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First and last to see will buy and not buy

There was good news and bad news for fans of quantum mechanics this week with the announcement of an opportunity to buy Schrödinger’s car.

The 1936 Opel Olympia that both was and wasn’t owned by the esteemed physicist Professor Erwin Schrödinger will be the star lot in a forthcoming auction where it won’t be appearing.

The exterior of Schrödinger’s car is said to be in very good and also very bad condition while the interior is both immaculate and disgusting.

This vehicle is being sold in fully working order as a non-runner and that this may be down to the electrical system which is both live and dead, leading the seller to claim that this car would be ideal for any vintage Opel enthusiast who has no interest in vintage Opels.

The auction to sell and not sell Schrödinger’s car will both take place and not happen on Saturday and also Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for an invited audience of everyone and no one.

  • Schrödinger’s car is not for sale.