Ask a man in a self-driving car prototype

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Your motoring questions addressed by the world's most unrelaxed person

Dear Man In A Self-Driving Car Prototype,

I’m looking for a cheap second car, mainly so my daughter can learn to drive. Any recommendations for a maximum of £2000 or so?

FG, Bicester

Man In A Self-Driving Car Prototype replies…

Well, you’ve certainly plenty of choice for that money and… erm… erm… eeeeee… Right, yes, I suppose your main requirements will be running costs, ease of insurance and of course, safeteeeeeeeeeeee… sorry, just thought, um… no, no, it’s fine. Yes, a car for your dauuuuuuuuuAAAAHHH… Ahem, your daughter. Well, I would sugges… woah woah WOAH. Phew, thought we were going to… erm, never mind, it’s seen them now… Yes, I would suggest perhaps an OH GOD NO, PLEASE STOP…… Goodness, that was a bit… you know. But we have now so that’s oka… oh God, we’re off again. Gaaaaah! Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, an affor… ooOOH! Erm… so, you want a STEER, FOR GOD’S SAKE STEER… woah, that was quite, erm… look, can I get back to you on this one? It’s just that I’m a bit… BRAKE BRAKE BRAAAAAAAAAAKE. Oh Jesus. WHY DO WE THINK THIS IS ALMOST READY?