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7 things you didn’t know about Lando Norris

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Some surprising facts about the youthful British driver who's been cursed with a McLaren next year

  • Lando says he wants to become like another great driver who once had a seat at McLaren, Nigel Mansell, and looks forward to gradually becoming fat and moany and then leaving before the end of the season.
  • Lando’s name is short for ‘Landowner’.
  • Thanks to his wealthy family, Norris is often referred to as ‘the Lance Stroll who isn’t shit’.
  • Lando’s name comes from the Australian word for the bit of floor at the top of some stairs.
  • Lando did very well in his recent GCSEs, getting A grades in Overtaking, Wet weather set-up and Thanking “the guys” in a joyless monotone.
  • Lando’s name is an abbreviation of ‘cabin crew please take your seats for landing’.
  • Lando currently competes in Formula 2 so he’ll be completely at home with the performance of the McLaren.