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F1 reminded to look after the elderly

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Racing reminded to be kind to coffin dodgers

As winter approaches, the Formula 1 community is being reminded to look out for elderly drivers who may need extra care and attention. New guidelines issued by F1 bosses list some of the signs to watch out for in an aging driver who needs help. These include;

  • Mumbling – e.g. “For sure the trackwaswhatisyouknowmnnfffgnurmmmnrr”
  • Irritability – e.g. “Yes, yes, I am doing all those things”
  • Making strange sounds – e.g. “Bwoah”
  • Asking to be left alone – e.g. Claiming to “know what I am doing”
  • Unsteadiness, especially in the evening.

In such cases it’s possible that an elderly driver is about to lose their home and F1 teams are asked to look out for this possibility and consider offering the old driver a new home rather than giving it to someone younger.